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MultiTaction are a hardware and software solutions company that invented and built a unique multi-touch tracking technology that enables collaborative touch-screen experiences. Over the course of the last ten years, they have grown from a small Helsinki-based office into a global company with a commitment to help technology users transform data into a tangible asset through greater engagement and increased socialisation.

In 2015 we were invited to tender for the repositioning and development of their brand and the creation of a new online presence that would help shift the business from a primarily hardware-led outward focus to a fully-integrated solution-based model.

And that was just the start.

New business enquiries within the first 2 weeks of website go-live
The website has now reached its highest ever Alexa ranking and welcomes visitors from over 150 countries every year.

Putting a finger on the problem

Our primary brand objective was to provide some clarity, both online and offline. Looking in from the outside it was unclear exactly who MultiTaction were and what they were offering. From a brand position they appeared to be a technology company but from a communications perspective, they presented themselves as a hardware company, without any clarity around how the two were connected and worked towards a mutually beneficial customer outcome.

Through our brand discovery we identified that a significant positioning move was required. Although a tech company, the focus was heavily placed on talking about the technology, not what the technology could do for customers. Our realignment addressed this and defined a new brand position and purpose that focussed on how MultiTaction enable connectivity and collaboration in near real time.

It quickly became clear that the incumbent identity did not support the new brand position. Research also highlighted that the brand had very low levels of recognition in the market space. This provided an opportunity to both reinvent and reignite the visual power of the brand and effectively relaunch to the market with a new face for an existing name.

The new identity was created using connected rectangular shapes. These were devised to represent the way people and technology connect through the screen-based experience. The rectangles were angled and coloured to create the M and T of the brand name, also creating an upward angled device that signifies the progress and advances that businesses and people can achieve by engaging with MultiTaction.

The delivery of the identity was supported by a full set of brand identity guidelines.

The leader — at every touch point

To enable the effective delivery of our brand strategy, we created a multi-channel plan that started with internal communications and the new website. 

Online, the objective was to place the benefits and experience of the technology at the forefront of the user journey. Our UX and content strategy placed a focus on ‘discover what visual collaboration can do for you’. This was supported by video, in-depth client case studies, examples of the brands already using the technology as well as some information on the software and hardware for those more technically-led.

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Other brand activation has included the design and production of a suite of marketing collateral, including brochures, data sheets, video, iconography, illustration, stationery and corporate gifts.

In addition to the ongoing support and development of the digital strategy, we have also undertaken a naming project for the brand. Keen to give the core software platform its own place within the brand development strategy, we worked with MT to name ‘MT Canvus’. The name derived from the ability the software has to enable teams to collaborate and visualise using a single multi-touch ‘canvas’. To highlight the core brand essence of collaboration, we made the word unique and trademark-able by changing the ‘a’ to a ‘u’ so the word ‘us’ was present. Creating a future-proof naming structure, we included the MT of MultiTaction at the front so all future software naming conventions had consistency and brand association.

The Escape made it simple for people to learn about how our technology can help their business improve
Ashley Ledran — Marketing Manager, MultiTaction

Big picture benefits and outcomes

The MultiTaction brand success story continues at pace.

Over the last 18 months they have opened three new offices, two in London and one in California. Continuing to expand by the day, they now have a presence in EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Within the first 2 weeks of website go-live in 2016 the site received 54 new business enquiries, and to date, has facilitated the successful closure of hundreds of thousands of pounds of business. The website has now reached its highest ever Alexa ranking and welcomes visitors from over 150 countries every year.

MultiTaction solutions are now used daily by hundreds of businesses around the world.

Brand recognition and loyalty is at an all time high. The unified and consistent brand position has enabled the alignment of the communications channels and growth within the business. MT now have over 60 staff worldwide, have launched further software products including MT Canvus Connect and MT Showcase and continue to set year on year profits.


View the MultiTaction website here


The website welcomes visitors from over 150 countries every year


The website has achieved its highest ever Alexa ranking

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