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DEWAR'S ABERFELDY A unique paid media campaign for a unique whisky

The brief

They say good things come to those who wait and the Aberfeldy 40 Year old whisky is certainly no exception.

The Aberfeldy 40 Year old is a very rare whisky with an understandably high price point. As a result, sales were slow, with longer lead times and a lower conversion rate than products at lower price points.

When Dewar's approached us they were struggling to raise awareness through their current paid media campaigns and needed a fresh approach, both visually and strategically.

Services provided

  • Design & Illustration
  • Digital strategy
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Social media marketing

Project team

  • Karina Waller
    Karina Waller
    Senior Project Partner
  • Tara Wilson
    Tara Wilson
    Brand and Digital Creative
  • Andre Wilkinson
    Andre Wilkinson
    Senior Performance Specialist

The challenge

Increase brand awareness

Rare whiskys tend to be relatively unknown outside very small whisky circles, so the aim was to increase our targeting

Increase website traffic

To drive more, yet relevant, targeted traffic to their website

Increase bottle sales

To move users through the website journey, resulting in an increase in conversions

Decrease lead times

As a whisky with a high price point, lead times to sales tend to be fairly long, so the goal was to reduce this timeframe

The solution

Part of the challenge was that high end whisky audiences are small and difficult to target as they tend to overlap with all whisky drinkers.

That meant that success was primarily about having the ability to target audiences more granularly so that we could essentially separate the high end whisky audience from the general whisky and alcoholic beverages affinity groups.

Ignoring Meta!

Ignoring existing whisky audiences as defined and provided by Meta and refining our audience by targeting the upper age bracket available to us

Creating affilation audiences

Targeting users with an affinity to luxury brands (such as cars, watches etc), high end whiskys, as well as prestigious social events

Creating eye-catching visuals

To design a set of stunning new ads with static imagery and animation, to complement the luxurious nature of the brand and catch user's attention

Targeted platform selection

Further to this we selected relevant social platforms to target based on average user age on each platform

The performance

  • 4.4 ROAS

    4.4 Return On Ad Spend acheived

  • 32% +

    Increase in traffic to whisky page on the website

  • From the team

    Andre Buxey Head of Performance
    Andre Buxey Head of Performance

    By analysing the data from the previous agency's campaigns, we were able to adapt our digital strategy and focus more intently on the relevant audience group, acheiving an impressive ROAS of 4.4.

    Andre Buxey
    Head of Digital Performance

Final thoughts

Not only did the visual adverts bring a new sense of life to the brand, with the aspirational nature of the 40 Year Old bottle, we saw an increase of 32% in traffic to its web page, as well as a mightily impressive ROAS of 4.4, effectively doubling the purpose of the campaign to include an awareness role.

After the success of this Dewar's campaign we're already working on the next one so watch this space.

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