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SIEMENS FINANCIAL SERVICES The forecast looks bright for this launch campaign

The brief

The Siemens name is known the world over. From aerospace and airports to healthcare and utilities, they cover all major aspects of life and living.

We were delighted to work with Siemens Financial Services on the launch of their new marine finance products, helping them take it to market. 

With the Siemens name and reputation to uphold, we knew this campaign and launch required careful consideration and planning, with the perfect artwork to sit alongside it.

Services provided

  • Design & Illustration
  • Digital strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Integrated marketing campaigns

Project team

  • Guy Nicholson
    Guy Nicholson
    Creative Lead
  • Nicky Chute
    Nicky Chute
    Head of Marketing
  • Karina Waller
    Karina Waller
    Project Partner
  • Tara Wilson
    Tara Wilson
  • Andre Wilkinson
    Andre Wilkinson
    Performance Strategist

The solution

As with any new product launch, it was important that we made a good first impression and grabbed the attention of our target audience. We needed to create branded assets that were identifiable as Siemens, while also making it clear that the campaign related to the marine finance services. What better way to do that than with a shipping forecast theme across all collateral? 

full width signpost background image

Campaign branding 


With the level of competition within the marine finance industry, it was important that any campaign branding we created stood out within the market while also clearly showing that it was a Siemens product, making the most of the overall Siemens brand reputation. The finished result was a stunning graphic design with intelligent copy mimicking the style of shipping forecast terminology.

Event collateral


With the launch event being held at Seawork's annual conference ('the' UK marine event), a wide array of pre-event marketing and event-day collateral was required. From magazine ads and pop up banners, to website and LinkedIn assets, the project spanned everything from print to digital. So it was imperative that all assets worked in tandem to build out the campaign. 

ABM campaign

While part of the Siemens brand, bringing a new finance product to market meant we needed to spread awareness. A six-month Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaign was the perfect way to break through the noise and target specific potential customers to help generate leads as well as help nurture conversations started at the Seaworks event post-launch. 

EDM campaigns

While email campaigns are by no means a new player in a marketer's playbook, it was the perfect compliment to the wider campaign to create a well-rounded omnichannel approach and generate website traffic. 


The performance

  • 40.57%

    ABM campaign response rate

  • 35.21%

    of those responses considered as hot leads

Final thoughts

Through careful planning, consideration and well well-thought-out strategy, we were able to provide Siemens Financial Services with a unique first campaign for their new product. 

With a strategy and joined up approach across all areas of the campaign, from flyers and magazine ads to ABM, we were able to provide them with the perfect springboard to win new buisness and gain traction for their marine finance services. 

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