Constructing brand and website for Amiri Construction

Amiri Construction

Re-constructing both a brand and a website in one project? We were up for the challenge.

We started working with Amiri in the Autumn of 2018 when we decided to broach with them the topic of a new website that would showcase their brand in a bigger, better way online.

The need was clear – a business who had grown in strength and numbers over the past 14 years had a website that was no longer fit for purpose. It might have ‘ticked the boxes’ in having the brand present, showing projects and key contact details, but the site didn’t ‘wow’ like the business and its people did from the moment we stepped into their HQ or to any of their construction sites.

The need to evolve

The business has come a long way since its early days, and with an expert team of highly-skilled and experienced directors, PMs and contractors, Amiri are the go-to main contractor on the South Coast.

Their USP is quite stand out – no project is without a director of the business on-site, ensuring that all is running smoothly.

The most important shift that came about recently was that Amiri added two new areas of the business to their construction arm – Amiri Interiors and Amiri Special Works. With experts in both of these areas, Amiri wanted to differentiate themselves and market their capabilities in both the interiors fit-out and special works sectors for any of their current or future build projects.

With this in mind, we felt it was time that their online presence did them justice and communicated their new message but most importantly, really helped them to ‘grow up’ online.

A website construction project

Starting the project with a discovery session, we went warts-and-all and learnt everything there was to know about the business – its audience types, its past and current projects, its brand values and perceptions, its strengths and weaknesses. We carried out insight with a number of interviewees that gave us a cross section of perceptions of the business from a construction, interiors and special works angle, as well as those who have and have not worked with Amiri in the past.

Taking this valuable insight we began the planning or ‘define’ phase of the project, where our team gleaned information from the work done so far, and the current site performance, to work out how the new website should be structured. We created a simplified page structure that clearly defined the three areas of the business and their unique specialisms, but that facilitated easy cross-selling from one to another – a really important objective.

After ensuring our vision matched (or even exceeded!) our client’s expectations, we had the green light to go ahead and move into wireframing. Here, we were able map out the structure of the site’s key pages and consider each of our user types defined in the audience discovery, who would undertake this online journey.

We wanted to ensure that a user would be presented with an easy way to differentiate between the three business areas, whilst learning about Amiri’s experience in others. We wanted to showcase their hero projects, impactful imagery and provide shareable content. Ultimately, we wanted a striking, user-friendly website that helped drive enquiries and brand awareness for the two new business areas.

The Brand Conversation

It wasn’t long before ‘the brand conversation’ emerged. Would the current Amiri brand carry the new message online in the best way possible? Would it be able to showcase today’s company ethos, professionalism and experience?

The answer quickly became clear for both us and the client – no. So, we pitched a brand refresh – a new take on the existing ident, so as not to lose the familiar mark but to help it come alive and to breathe some fresh air into it.

We created a new colour palette that used the existing red with a little extra ‘spark’, but adding a secondary palette of coppers, pastels and deep blue-greys that echoed the materials used in the construction industry and offering a complimentary set that would allow us to pull out key features both online and in print material.

The ident was shaken up a little too – we applied our new ‘Amiri red’ and subtly refined the shape. Lastly, and possibly with the most impact came the new font – a transformative move that has repositioned Amiri as a modern, grown up expert main contractor who are renowned for their work across the UK.

The brand design project ran in parallel with the start of the website design phase– it was an integral part of the overall project that helped ensure the new design had the biggest impact it could, and at the same time, that new hoarding, business cards and brochures all married up.

The Escape is a team that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with and will be pleased to recommend
Mark Vincent – Director

The design for the website took further inspiration from the construction industry – we used graphical grid lines and angular shapes to create a modern, clean and industrial look and feel. Combined with the new palette and some striking imagery of projects highlighting the finer details of metal work, joinery and unique materials, as well as large scale project images, the website design brought the brand into a whole new creative space.

Once the design had wowed the clients, we moved into development, the largest part of our ‘create’ phase. Built in the Laravel framework, we engineered an intelligent and powerful website that was fully mobile responsive; at the cutting edge of front-end practices and that provided a scalable platform that could grow with the business. Tested, QC’d and content populated with a whole new content strategy in tow, the website became a living, breathing, animated piece that we were ready to launch to the world.

Powerful new features

The site’s key features:

  • Powerful, intelligent CMS built in the Laravel framework that allows for instant in-house updates

  • Bespoke and dynamic navigation structure that subtly transitions through each of the three areas of the business revealing new imagery behind the page listing but that retains the familiar structure used throughout the site

  • Intuitive categorisation built to cater for tagging each project case study with all relevant sector keywords for search

  • Visual inspiration page that provides users and prospective clients with large format imagery and inspiration for how Amiri might approach their future projects

  • Unique image treatment that uses the Amiri palette to enrich the images, revealing full colour on hover

  • An engaging news section capturing ongoing stories from every project

The new Amiri website has provided the business with a valuable and scalable tool – a technically intelligent, responsive and high-impact visual experience that heroes Amiri and its three arms of the business with specific emphasis on building news and project case studies.

We have also propelled the Amiri brand forwards, allowing it to tell a new, exciting story and one that the business was very ready to do. We are excited to continue our work with Amiri over the coming months and years and look forward to our relationship flourishing and seeing Amiri’s business continue booming!

‘I’d like to thank all of you for the fantastic input that you’ve had in the process that has seen Amiri “grow up” ...The very fresh, strong and engaging logo and the website that certainly hits the aspirational goal that we all had for it…The Escape is a team that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with and will be pleased to recommend within our network"

– Mark Vincent – Director

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