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Redlux Metrology, strategy and brand – for good

The brief

RedLux specialises in fast, accurate, non-contact 3D metrology. We were approached by RedLux to help evolve its brand strategy, go-to-market strategy, positioning and visual identity. The objective was to increase market share in the UK and Europe and, but more specifically, to open up greater access to the Optics market in the US.

Services provided

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Design & Illustration
  • Marketing strategy

Project team

  • Guy Nicholson
    Guy Nicholson
    Head of Brand and Creative
  • Ian Mumford
    Ian Mumford
    Chief Executive Officer
  • John Pike
    John Pike
    Strategy Director
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Our approach

We began the process with a series of discovery sessions, each divided into specific stakeholder groups and oriented around key objectives. We engaged with the Board and business leadership team, undertaking two workshops with this team – one focusing on brand discovery to help us define the brand model, and another centred on audience mapping and the existing engagement and sales cycle.

We also ran a brand discovery workshop with key members of the RedLux delivery team. This gave us a view from the shop floor and enabled us to discover the reality of the internal connections, opinions and understandings of the business as a whole.

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The last phase of discovery involved conversations with some key clients to ascertain the customer perspective on the business – where RedLux excels, where it differentiates and where improvements could be made.

Post discovery, we used the insight gathered to create a new brand model. This defined the ambition for the future, the business’s brand purpose, what it does and how it does it, values, brand personality, its core point of differentiation and the business’s audience map.

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The outcome was a new purpose and business proposition – ‘Metrology for good’. This definition came as a result of the fact that the work RedLux does has genuine human and social impacts. Its metrology, amongst other things, enables people to see clearly (optics), travel safely (aviation equipment) and move freely (human prosthetics), whilst reducing risk, complexity and subjectivity, and saving time and money in the process.

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To complement the new brand strategy, we enhanced the existing RedLux visual identity and brand tone of voice to fit the new narrative.

In addition to the brand work, we developed a go-to-market strategy for the US Optics industry. Using the insight from discovery, we defined a channel strategy and implementation plan, as well as target identification.

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The outcome

The new strategic and creative framework provided a joined up verbal and visual system that would enable RedLux to compete with more confidence, and stand out in existing markets and enter new ones with a fresh and compelling value proposition. The new strategy also invigorated the business internally, helping to align staff from top to bottom on its purpose and direction. The process we undertook also helped to open communication between the Board, leadership and staff, and set the foundation for better internal process and employer brand communication going forward.

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    This is good stuff. It has pretty much hit the nail on the head. I think it’s a very strong point to put the focus on “metrology for good”. Using the human side of the business as what makes us special could tip the scales in our favour.

    Metrology Engineer
    RedLux technical team

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