Our programme of development – our ‘move to more’ process – is our customers platform for progress.

Using data, insight, technology and creativity, we work closely with our clients to identify the steps necessary to achieve business objectives and enable audience-led brand transformation to happen.

From defining the purpose and values of an organisation, to creating a unique and differentiated brand that is meaningfully activated on and off-line, we embed value for our clients at every stage of the process.

'Move to more' works through three progressive phases:




We compile meaningful customer, stakeholder and employee insights to empower and shape brand and business decisions as we ‘move to more’. Techniques range from interviews and focus groups to surveys and online research platforms. Only by getting under the skin of our clients can we unearth the value and differentiation that will shape their future competitive advantage.

Purpose, positioning and personality

We use our insight to help business leaders identify the benefit-led positioning that will enable them to achieve their business objectives. We establish a clear organisational purpose that will create lasting value, resonate with employees and guide strategic business decision making. To bring all this to life, we identify and define the character and personality that will become synonymous with the brand, shape interactions and leave a (long) lasting impression.

Values and behaviours

By understanding the core purpose, position and personality of a business we are able to identify and define a core set of brand values. These core values underpin the culture, behaviours and every day ethos of a business. They shape service, communications and act as a constant benchmark for organisational performance.


When required, our comprehensive naming process leads businesses to a unique, differentiated and trademark-able outcome. By analysing the market, competitor landscape and the differentiators of the business, we find a compelling name that fits its culture, aspirations and objectives.

Digital & UX

We help businesses discover how to create growth and value through the digital landscape. Whether it’s extending current digitisation to cover ‘the new’ or overhauling existing activity to respond to how digital is used today, we set a strategic direction that combines technology, information, human interaction and experience to achieve business objectives.

Marketing & communications

How and when a brand engages with its audiences has never been more challenging. Digitisation and the emergence of new channels, plus increasing budgetary constraints means the creation of an effective marketing and communications strategy is something of a holy grail. We help businesses through this challenge. In conjunction with strategy fundamentals, we focus onintegration, looking at the entirety of touch points that connect a brand with its audience.



Brand identity

We compile meaningful customer, stakeholder and employee insights to empower and shape brand and business decisions as we ‘move to more’. We create powerful corporate identities for visual stand-out. Our identities are dynamic and engaging, but most importantly, they are aligned with brand strategy, fit for purpose and engineered for long-term success in the market.

Visual system

A brand’s identity reaches much further than simply being a symbol to represent a business. A brand requires a supporting visual system that continues the story at every activation touchpoint. We craft systems with robust foundations for consistent brand expression but with the flexibility for continuous evolution. 

Tone of voice

A fundamental pillar of a brand identity is not just the individual message delivered, but how that message is delivered. We work with organisations to shape their ‘brand voice’ – the words they use and the personality they deliver through their communications – to ensure they resonate with, engage and influence their target audiences.



Brand activation and experience

We believe connecting brands with their audiences should be a consistency based communication process that leaves no margin for confusion or brand ambiguity, regardless of channel. We help businesses shape every communication opportunity. Offline, online or the built environment, we focus on creating a positive and engaging brand-led experience.


We help businesses maximise their digital presence to enable commercial growth and build brand recognition and loyalty. We combine information, technology and human interaction to shape effective ‘audience-first’ user experiences that deliver on conversion objectives across a wide range of digital platforms.

Internal engagement

We believe that the successful alignment of a business with its brand starts from within. An engaged internal team is the most powerful advocate for who you are, what you do and what you will be in the future. We help businesses engage with their people and drive loyalty through effective employer communication strategies which are based on deep internal understanding of a common vision.


A powerful brand is able to connect with its audiences through the effective delivery of benefit-driven messages that drive engagement and advocacy. We create brand campaigns that build on a defined strategic foundation, deliver a clear and timely message and engage through a relevant and high impact creative. Our multi-channel campaigns build awareness, acquire customers and deliver a return on investment.

Begin your move to more

Lets work together to identify the steps necessary to achieve your business objectives and enable audience-led brand transformation to happen