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Gibson's Goodology Find your feel good omnichannel marketing campaign

The brief

Gibson's Goodology was born from an irrepressible belief in the power of human goodness and positivity. Pretty cool way to live your life if you ask us.

So when the specialist CBD-infused iced tea brand approached us to help create a new marketing campaign, we naturally jumped at the chance to work with such a purpose-driven business and team.

Gibson's Goodology were looking to increase their digital brand presence and to create a physical launch for their products in London. Let the creative commence...

Services provided

  • Design & Illustration
  • Video & Animation
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Social media marketing

Project team

  • Guy Nicholson
    Guy Nicholson
    Creative Lead
  • John Pike
    John Pike
    Strategy Director
  • Karina Waller
    Karina Waller
    Project Partner

The challenge

Increase brand awareness

To introduce a new audience to their brand and iced tea products, who were either already aware of the associated benefits of CBD, or, may previously not have considered it.


Drive website traffic

To increase traffic to their website, with a focus on better qualified users and specific landing pages.

Introduce multiple selling points

To create awareness that their drinks products were not just available in store, but also online, making them accessible for anyone, anywhere, anytime, and thus increasing sales revenue.

To better educate and inform

There is much erroneous information out there about CBD. Through advertising and content, Gibson's were keen to help change the perception and drive a new narrative around the benefits of CBD, as well as the other natural ingredients used in their products.

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The solution

New brand proposition

Through multiple discovery sessions, we really got under the skin of Gibson's, discovering what made them truly unique, and came up with the 'Find your feel good' strapline, epitomizing everything their brand and products stand for.

New campaign creatives

By delving into our audience mapping and persona definitions we created a series of stunning visuals to appeal to their target audiences and help position their iced tea products and their benefits.

Omni-channel campaign strategy

We created an integrated campaign to work alongside the customer journey touchpoints to generate awareness for a relatively new brand, as well as sales via promotions, through digital marketing across PPC and social media, with optimised landing pages, as well as in store branding. 

Create a campaign with longevity

As the campaign evolved, we realised that we were essentially building on the foundations of a new brand launch, rather than a 'one-off' specific campaign. With this in mind, our creative team set to work to visualise and create assets to take the campaign to the next level - 'on the road'. Literally.

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    The Escape have customer business results as their primary focus for all and any activity that comes from their team. All conversations were rooted in what is best for the customer, best for the brand and best route to earn greater returns. I'm a fan.

    Dave Gibson

Final thoughts

The new strategic and creative campaign provided a joined up verbal and visual system giving Gibson's Goodology the confidence to compete in a competitive environment with an innovative and emotive new value proposition. 

This was definitely one of our more challenging digital projects too with so many regulations surrounding the promotion of CBD! However, our Performance team did a sterling job overcoming these hurdles and ensuring the ads were reaching the right target audiences and driving brand awareness, traffic and ultimately sales - all whilst complying with the various rules.

The next part of the campaign will see more interactive events, with pop-up shops and tastings across London and other major cities planned, so keep an eye out for their branded truck and make sure to come and say hi!

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