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The University of Southampton Science Park

Escape’s design and development teams always love taking a newly developed brand and implementing that into that organisation’s infrastructure.

In 2018, we thoroughly enjoyed working with our client, the University of Southampton Science Park; having developed their new brand identity, it was the beginning of an exciting new era for the park and an important first step to that new brands journey was to bring it to life via a new, responsive website.

New online enquiries through the new site since launch (2018)

Insight Lead Development

As part of our initial Brand journey, we had worked with our client through our rigorous Discovery Process where we typically get under the skin of the brand to learn all there is to know about audiences, marketing, communications strategy, perception and where the brand is positioned in its wider community; in this case, the science park community online.

We carefully planned the core structure, integral pages, site map and utilised our extensive insights, gathered through our Branding Project, to map out user journeys via the interactive Axure wireframes. Mapping all the technical detail out before hand ensures we give our design team the very best structure to inform their creativity.

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Striking Design

The Creative Process was a very exciting one as we took new park photography and video to really bring the website to life.

Utilising specific colour themes to tailor site sections meant that all of our unique audience types could easily find their way through a clear digital journey to their desired destination; whether that be an Axis booking, a prospective office space enquiry or a peruse of the inspiring businesses on the park.

Intelligent Build

Collaboration is a drum we beat loudly within The Escape and from design to build; a collaborative approach from our full-stack and front-end developers ensured we built an intelligent and powerful website that was fully responsive, at the cutting edge of front end practices and provided a scalable platform that could grow with the park.

Tested, QC’d and content populated with a whole new content strategy, the website became a living, breathing, animated piece that truly represented the innovation and ground-breaking positioning of the University of Southampton Science Park.

  • Powerful, intelligent CMS built in the Laravel framework allowing for instant, in-house updates

  • Bespoke events calendar allowing the park to upload events, showcases and invite businesses to host their own events through a quick, easy to use enquiry form

  • Conversion-led PPC campaign pages that can be created for ongoing AdWords campaigns

  • A home for lots of new high-impact content of the park: videos, soundbites, interviews and drone footage

  • Integration with meeting room booking engine to allow for quick onsite and offsite room and facilities bookings

  • An opportunity for each business based on the park to showcase their company information, credentials and impact stories in one central location

  • An engaging news section capturing stories from around the park and beyond

I commend you on the new website which is fabulous. My background is in web design so I immediately recognise the feature-rich functionality it includes.
Centre Manager of another UK Science Park

The Brand Story Continues...

We continue to work closely with the Science Park team to bring the new brand to life in many ways. We are currently producing new signage, enhancing and developing further website features and discussing what 2019-2020 might look like in the physical environment for the park as well as online.  We look forward to another exciting year ahead!

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