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BakedIn produce time saving, hassle free home baking kits. In each kit you will find exactly the right quantity of ingredients to bake a cake, danish, cookie or bun (depending on what you fancy!) and the tin to bake it in too. The BakedIn story began in 2013 when 2 friends with a mutual love for baking, sat on the M3 motorway discussing the virtues of a hassle free baking kit that still provided the full ‘bake from scratch’ experience.

After prototyping, testing on friends, huge sales success at local artisan markets and food festivals, they took a startup loan from the government, upped their game on their products and packaging and picked up their first stockist. By 2015, what was still a ‘weekend business’ became full time. Extra investment and a new shareholder and recipe creator by the name of Michel Roux (yes, the famous pastry chef – the kits are ‘that’ good!) has enabled the business to grow rapidly, with products stocked in hundreds of stores, Selfridges, Ocado and Centre Parcs to name a few.

In addition to the kits, a new subscription baking club was started, enabling customers to get a new kit through their letterbox every month. Heaven sent for any cake lover.

Our story with BakedIn started just as the business became full time for their intrepid owner, Joe. An initial conversation about creating and launching the baking club through an EDM strategy, on a tight budget, quickly became so much more.

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of people surveyed had heard of BakedIn
— brand recognition is at an all time high

Combining the finest ingredients

As a business still in startup mode, with limited budget to invest in brand and marketing (but with obvious and exciting potential) our first meeting with BakedIn inspired a commitment from us to create a brand built on solid foundations. Joe and the team had managed to create an identity that held its own and provided a presence, but it lacked strategy, finesse and enough differentiation to help them go to the next level. Their online presence was also ‘home made’, enough to get by but underselling the value proposition and not offering customer or investor reassurance required to go to the next level.

We realised the potential from a brand and marketing perspective, but knew it was imperative we got the ‘house’ in order first, before we went any further.

So, a conversation about the Baking Club EDM strategy quickly turned into a brand review with an action plan that involved identity refinement, a new visual system, packaging, EDM, website… the whole brand kit and caboodle! (pardon the pun).

We began with the brand strategy. Discovery sessions helped us get to the bottom of what the brand stood for and why it appealed to customers. We also analysed the brand from a retailer perspective, acutely aware that outlets were our primary shop window for awareness and product launches as the brand was so new to the consumer market.

We identified that the existing brand identity had recognition and value and so investing time in a new ‘face’ was unnecessary. We simply took some time to refine the existing identity, nipping and tucking so it was a more professionally produced mark.

The aspect that needed the most attention was their visual system. There was consistency in their house style but understandably, it felt a touch amateur and lacked the style and gravitas required. We set about a programme of research, analysing potential competitors and looking at businesses with a similar model, both in food and drink. We also committed to creating a system that would enable Joe and his rapidly growing team to be able to continue to deliver the brand in-house.

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The resulting visual system adopted a colourful blend of typography and illustration based on real kit ingredients. The previous packaging had relied on bright colours and was successful at attracting attention. We built on this for continuity, but refined the palette, making the colours less primary and more complimentary, introducing a bright and a monotone, 3 dimensional representation of the ingredients. Even in upper case, the typography selected was friendly and approachable, with the characters slightly adjusted to different sizes and with a slightly rough, hand-drawn edge to each. The resulting combination of elements created a distinctive and unique visual system with enough flexibility to provide longevity and creative freedom… wherever the next recipe took us!

With the approved visual system in place, we were in a position to evaluate and rebrand the various marketing channels currently in use. 

The website was the most pressing and prominent consumer channel aside from the packaging. We set about restructuring the site map and key user journeys, infusing the site with clearer purchase call to actions and a healthy dose of brand infusion.

At this stage, we also worked with BakedIn to deliver a brand and launch strategy for the Baking Club. The new subscription service was aimed at creating a consistent revenue for the business and building a regular, engaged and loyal customer base. The identity was created to align with the mother brand and the new visual system, but with enough independence to stand alone. The brand and proposition was also built into the website, linking into a customer CRM.

Other brand activation points we have delivered have been an EDM strategy and templates, a new vehicle livery aligned with the visual system, as well as printed collateral and print management.

Since we started working with The Escape in 2015 the BakedIn brand has gone from strength to strength
Joe Munns – Founder and Managing Director, BakedIn

Have your cake and eat it

The BakedIn brand has continued to go from strength to strength.

Revenue has more than doubled each year for the past 3 years with the trend set to continue.

The number of Baking Club subscriptions has continued to grow, with nearly 10,000 boxes delivered since it’s launch. The club has also been named in the Independent's top 15 food subscriptions gifts for two years running, alongside established brands such as Graze and HelloFresh, and was recently listed in the top 10 recipe boxes. 

Website traffic has seen steady growth since the new website went live with more than double the unique visitors in December 2016 vs December 2015, a trend that looks set to continue as brand awareness grows.

In 3 years the team has grown from 3 to over 12, with a growth case to expand to 20 within the next 2 years. The SALSA accredited factory is now over 3000 sq ft with plans to double the size in 2017/18.

Brand recognition is at an all time high, recent research discovered that 57% of people surveyed had heard of BakedIn.

Bakedin products can be found in over 1000 stores across the UK, with products also being sold in Ireland, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia. 

The business was runner up in the Guardian Small Business Awards, the Inspire Awards and Gift of the Year 2017. Joe was named Startup Leader of the Year at the 2016 Leadership Awards.

It just goes to show. You ‘can’ have your cake and eat it. We continue to support Joe and team from a brand guardianship perspective, as well as collaborating on specific campaigns. 

It’s rare a brand can genuinely ’mean more’ both in reality ‘and’ around your waistline.

10 ,000
Baking Club kits

delivered since launch

Startup Leader of the Year

2016 Leadership Awards

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