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When Serco approached us to help align their multiple employment, skills and enterprise contracts and bring them under one Serco ‘umbrella’, we came up with a future-proof plan that would enable a cohesive online experience for their wide and varied B2B and B2C audiences.

The 6 Serco Employment, Skills and Enterprise contracts specialise in delivering training, upskilling, support, education and apprenticeships that help individuals on their journeys in, or back in, to lasting employment. Ranging from programmes for school leaders to apprenticeships for the workplace and tailored business support services, their scope of services was a bit of a mouthful. So, what we have done is unite them in order to truly underpin their value and offering to individuals they could help all over the UK.

We started by getting together with our clients who work in all corners of the country for an audience mapping and discovery workshop. From here, we created the site map that would help to bring all of the services together under ‘one roof’ – albeit a number of pages, we created a seamless structure so that each key page had equal importance in the site’s hierarchy. From the sitemap, we wireframed the core pages to set the scene for the design – the really exciting bit!

Having shared no common theme in their brand identity or look and feel, each of the contracts were in need of a refresh. So, we ‘Serco’d’ them; bringing them in line with the corporate brand so that they embodied the values they so-needed. We created a bright, clean and visually engaging website design to showcase Serco Employment, Skills and Enterprise’s comprehensive breadth of services - it was then ready to go into build. We built the site on the PHP Laravel custom content management system and utilised some engaging transitions, illustrations and dynamic content feeds to make the site immersive and interactive on every level.

We have really enjoyed working with the team at Serco to launch this showcase website that we continue to monitor and enhance, as it brings Employment, Skills and Enterprise into a new realm online for 2018.

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