Launching VIVID's new housing website

Phil Birkett

We’ve been working with VIVID for a number of years now. We’ve been through their various mergers and acquisitions with them and were naturally excited when they asked us to design and develop a brand new website for them.

Following the merger of First Wessex and Sentinel Housing Association, we carried out some work on their old website to bring it inline with their new identity, but more was needed. This project was a ground up website with a fresh approach.

We started this by taking the client through a ‘discovery’ phase, including a detailed competitor analysis and fact-finding workshop. From here, we then identified everything that we wanted the new website to do, and be able to do.

This included exploring some complex functionality that enabled the customers from the pre-merger organisations to get to their respective online portals without their user journeys conflicting and becoming confusing.
We began with our ‘create’ phase, comprising of wireframes outlining how the different user journeys would work. This allowed us to experiment with where the key bits of functionality would be placed.

We’re really pleased with the professional creative service The Escape’s provided over many years
Eva Lambert-Smith, Head of Communications


From the approved wireframes we commenced with the design, creating a modern website that is not just beautiful, but also easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices. The design was brought to life with front-end development where we included user-state interactions to further enhance the final experience.
We developed a smart piece of page functionality that required a user to enter their postcode. Once entered, their experience within the site was tailored to them by showing them certain pieces of information and links only relevant to their previous housing associations.
Whilst in development, we worked closely in collaboration with the team from VIVID to populate each section of the website, migrating content from their old website into the new content management system.
Final user testing, cross-browser and device QC happened before launching the new website in Spring 2018. Take a look at the fresh look here:

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