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Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

So, perhaps you have a business website and it doesn't deliver traffic, let alone sales leads?

What if there were a way to attract traffic from search engines that could turn into real business for you?

What if we said that we think it's relatively simple to create a small business website that would be your most effective form of marketing yet? A website that delivers visitors who could be interested in the services or products your business has to offer?

Sound too good to be true?

What if we then said we would share some SEO strategies with you for free? The same strategies that some people charge out at £1,000 a day. Perhaps you'd think we were mad? By the time you have finished reading this free SEO e-book though we are sure you will understand why there is no charge. "Let's Cut To The Chase" by Craig Killick

This free 72 page SEO e-book about small business website optimisation (or search engine optimisation) covers SEO techniques that are used at The Escape on a daily basis and we have the case studies to prove that they work.

We're not offering you the most comprehensive book about search engine optimisation that you'll ever read, but we are confident that you will end up with the important information to have a huge impact on your website - especially if it's currently doing nothing for your small business.

And, the book isn't really just for small businesses in the UK, or indeed SME or SMB. You can take the learnings from the SEO e-book and apply them to your website whether you are a large corporate, a start-up, a charity or for your personal web project.

What's more, because this SEO e-book for small business is free - you've nothing to lose... but everything to gain.

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