BP IT&S strategic roadmap

Internal engagement

We were engaged by BP IT&S to help them showcase their strategic changes happening within the Information Technology and Services division, and how those changes aligned with the new strategic direction of BP globally.

Our challenge was to help detail the specific strategic and visionary objectives of both BP and IT&S, make the changes easy to understand and showcase the journey from today through to the future 'new world' view.

Our process started with a thorough discovery process, working with the leadership and marketing teams to digest and understand the various information, diagrams and strategic plans that would culminate in our final piece. As you can imagine, joining up the dots for a global business is a complex process, so ensuring we had clarity and understanding was paramount.

As is often familiar with our process, we started by creating hand drawn 'scamps', firstly of a simplistic view/understanding of the journey, before progressing to scamps of how the final piece may look visually. This was supported by mood boards of style references to ensure we had clarity and understanding and buy-in with our visual approach, whilst also working within brand guideline parameters.

After progression to visuals, we soon realised that the complexity of the journey required numerous steps or 'levels'. The dream was a user-controlled digital interface but budget and time restraints restricted what could be achieved in time. We had a deadline for an internal launch event and so a compromise that still delivered the required journey was agreed on. The final piece was a multi-tiered interactive pdf.

To support this, we also created a non-user controlled animation that could be used on a global webinar presentation by the director of IT&S. This helped tell the story from start to finish, culminating in the demonstration of how to access and use the interactive pdf.

The final piece was received well internally and accessed by staff in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

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