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Insights Meet Lisa, our new Escapee!

Lisa Willoughby
Lisa Willoughby
Growth Manager

27 Oct 2022

2 minute read

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It’s an Escape tradition that we ask our new recruits some fun but telling quickfire questions. No judgement please, this is a safe place!

Dark or milk chocolate (white is just not an option sorry, ok maybe a white chocolate mouse)
Milk chocolate - make it a Twirl and I’m in.

Favourite holiday destination
My go-to is always the West Country - wild seas, rugged coasts, surfing, cream teas - what more could you want?!

Superhero power
I’m like an octopus, juggling all the things, multi-tasking, clinging on dearly for life and trying not to drown. Also I’m a sucker (geddit) for anything and everything related to the sea.

Pineapple on pizza?
I’m a believer that love is love….but not on pizza. 

Most famous person you’ve met
I met the Queen back in 1995 when I represented the UK for Scouting as a teenager - I was presented to her in a greeting line, having rehearsed “M’aam to rhyme with Jam, not Marm to rhyme with arm” over and over in my head. After nervously being addressed and having a brief conversation (the subject of which evades me now) I was then asked by one of her ladies-in-waiting to take a bouquet of flowers to her car outside in the grounds. Clutching the flowers like they were the crown jewels and feeling like a criminal as I scurried past the waiting police officers, I then proceeded to leave a dusty footprint on the (very) shiny footplate of the car as I leaned in to place the flowers on the parcel shelf. (Which, some 20-odd years later is probably my greatest claim to fame (or shame)!)

Favourite all-time movie
Anything 80’s - recently rekindled my love for Top Gun after the latest sequel. “TALK TO ME GOOSE”

Nickname as a kid
I didn’t really have one, I’ve always been “Leese” (which when you write it like that, is actually longer than my actual name….)

Favourite junk food
Pizza, but for the love of everything holy don’t you dare put fruit on it.

Coffee - black or white?
White, black, hot, cold, foam, syrup, sprinkles….. just keep it coming! #coffeeislife

And finally, tell us something completely random about yourself (we won’t tell anyone. promise)
I can never remember my kids’ birth dates when asked to note them on a form….but I can recall the first verse of Silent Night - IN GERMAN - which I must have learned at primary school. Thanks, brain.

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