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Insights Meet our new Escapee, Kayleigh!

Kayleigh Walker
Kayleigh Walker
Senior Client Partner

01 Feb 2023

2 minute read

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It’s an Escape tradition that we ask our new recruits some fun but telling quickfire questions, so meet Kayleigh Walker, our new Senior Client Partner.

No judgement please, this is a safe place...

Last live concert 
My boyfriend took me to a Parkway Drive gig last month, not my normal choice but an amazing experience. To be honest, I am more of a musical fan and the last show I watched was Footloose …for the third time. 

Dark or milk chocolate (white is just not an option sorry, ok maybe a white chocolate mouse)
Dark chocolate - my favourite is Lindt 70%.

Favourite holiday destination ​​​​​​
​I am going to choose Slovenia - the mountains and lakes completely stole my heart.

Superhero power
This is a tough one but I am going to pick teleportation. How much fun would that be?!

Pineapple on pizza?
No way! 

Most famous person you’ve met
I recently had dinner with a few celebrity chefs including Marco Pierre White, Matt Tebbutt, the Hairy Bikers and Michelin-star chef Will Holland - it is a very random story how I ended up there.

Favourite all-time movie
Harry Potter - I can’t pick just one though.

Nickname as a kid
I don’t think I had one - although people did try to call me ‘Kay’ but I didn’t let it stick. 

Favourite junk food

Coffee - black or white?
If I have the choice it would be an oat milk flat white - but if that isn’t an option, black, please.

And finally, tell us something completely random about yourself (we won’t tell anyone. promise)
In my spare time, I train in mixed martial arts and I am one belt away from getting my black belt in kickboxing.

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