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INSIGHTS Feast: Everything you ever wanted (and need) to know about Cookies

14 Feb 2022

44 minute watch

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In this webinar, our Senior Performance Specialist, Andre Wilkinson, discusses the hot topic of cookies. We know it doesn't sound that glamorous, but trust us when we say a) you need to know about this and b) Andre actually somehow manages to make this topic super interesting! 

Whether we like them or not, or even fully understand them, cookies have until now played a huge part in determining our digital marketing activities. However, with things set to change and Google's announcement of tracking cookies to be banned by the end of 2023, now is the time to get up to speed and start preparing.

Here are some of the themes Andre explores:

  • What is a cookie?
  • What are the current requirements surrounding cookie policies?
  • How does this differ to GDPR?
  • What role have cookies played in our digital marketing to date?
  • What does a cookieless future look like?
  • How will this affect marketers?

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