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INSIGHTS Can a company rebrand affect team morale?

10 Mar 2021

3 minute read

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It’s certainly fair to say we’ve all been on a bit of a bumpy ride this last year and having something to look forward to really has helped. We’re not suggesting though that you should consider an entire company rebrand just to keep your employees motivated and productive! (Disclaimer alert: to keep our Biz Dev team happy - please get in touch here if you do want to rebrand!)

For us, rebranding The Escape, was a long time in the making. As Rob Jones, our MD, said recently, “we were the plumbers with the leaky taps”, always focusing on client brand work, and perhaps neglecting our own.

Whilst the majority of us will understand the value of a rebrand in terms of brand identity, reconnecting with our audiences, and positioning ourselves in our relevant market; what often goes forgotten is the hugely positive impact it can have on your team and their morale. And we all know what that can do for motivation and productivity.

Ian Mumford, Creative Director, explains further, “It was really important for us to get the whole team involved with their input and opinion. By all becoming stakeholders of the new brand right from the very outset, everyone could feel some ownership of it.

“They wanted to know what we were trying to do, why we were doing it, and they wanted to then be part of it. There was that sense of energy and excitement that there was something new, something that everybody had contributed to and believed in. A better way of telling our story, our truth.”

Anyway, we could spend all day waxing lyrical about the effect rebranding has had on the team. Or we could just hand over to them.

In their own words...

“The new Escape brand really lifts my spirit and brings a smile to my face. At a time where we are all a little fed up, it’s something to get excited about - something new and fresh. Also I feel it’s reflective of our personalities - there is a warmth and confident energy that’s never too serious. I believe the brand conveys an agency that is creative, strategic and always pushing towards the next best thing. After 12 years here it feels like another milestone and in return this makes me feel proud..”
John, Head of UX and UI

“Honestly, I think we lost our way a bit with our own branding a bit, so this is a great step up to show that we practice what we preach. It's clean, clear, cohesive and very professional looking. In fact, I’d even go so far as saying I think it is very sexy! Well done to the team that put it all together because I think it looks beautiful.”
Jacqui, Head of Finance and Operations

“A new brand shows we don't stand still and stagnate and that is also reflected in our methodology. Plus it looks good too!”
Adam Frame, Senior Web Developer

“When I first joined The Escape I was blown away by the sheer talent of the team, the exciting list of clients, the ambitious growth plan, but mostly by how much fun everyone was! So for me, it feels great to finally be able to share a brand and website that actually reflects our personality and the kind of agency that we are. We’re not just talking about being better, we’re doing it. It definitely makes me feel proud to be part of it.”
Nicky Chute, Head of Marketing

“The rebrand gives new life and perspective to help direct more of what we can do. A new look and feel feels important to show that we are evolving as a  brand.”
Andre Buxey, Head of Performance

“It’s great to have such a clean and fresh brand, something you can be proud to be part of.”
Emily Barnett, Account Manager

“It’s exciting times ahead and it feels more like a professional agency now. No more saying to people ‘don’t look at our website - we are redoing it’! And personally as the Project Manager on this, I feel particularly proud!”
Jemma Dormer, Project and Traffic Manager

“It’s refreshing to see. It’s a site that shows a progression to the new from the old and it makes me proud to be an Escapee.”
Tim Norris, Senior Web Developer

“The site rebrand means we can leave behind our old identity and evolve. I think it’s a great opportunity to strengthen our presence and image and showcase everything we’re capable of.”
Safia Modak, SEO Specialist

“To me it puts us up with the big players. It looks professional, well designed, finally bringing our brand together across all platforms! It’s exciting, fresh, show’s that we mean business and can punch above the rest.”
Guy Nicholson, Head of Creative

“A rebrand allows us to show off all the new skills and knowledge we have built up and how we have grown and evolved into what we are today. We know we have changed over the last few years, but with the new brand we can really show it off, inviting new and interesting brands to connect and work with us and doing more fun and exciting projects.”
Tom Hopkins, Senior Front-End Developer

“This is a big moment for The Escape. The new brand really reflects who we are, how we have grown and embodies the cohesive, hard working and fun culture of the business.”
Lucy Walker, Head of Client Services

(Thanks team, a bottle of something is in the post...)

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