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Animation Making static stories come to life because everybody's watching

What we do

We create beautiful and engaging motion graphics. Evolving static graphics and bringing them to life can increase brand engagement and captivate audience imagination. We create animations ranging from virtual characters to dynamic 3-dimensional motion graphics across a wide variety of formats ranging from digital out of home to everyday social media. If we have a brief, a brand and a screen dimension, we can bring a static story to life.

Who we've done it for

  • Simplyhealth
  • Honeywell
  • Capita
  • Visit Hampshire
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Why do you need it?

A picture is worth a thousand an animation speaks for itself. In an age where people spend less time reading and more time watching, it’s never been more relevant to deliver your content through moving image. Animation can be used to help explain complex content more easily and deliver a message in a more fun and creative way. Furthermore, animation can help improve brand awareness and create distinction from your competitors.

How we do it

The animation process is an exciting one which draws on brand personality and working closely with you to understand your objectives and, in turn, the best possible approach.

  • 1. Discovery

    To get started we must first interpret your brief to determine the type of animation required and the appropriate channels through which it will be displayed. This will help maximise audience reach and engagement.

  • 2. Storyboarding

    We then create an animation storyboard. This is where creativity and imagination run wild as we take to our pads and prepare the story scene by scene and how it will interact and animate.

  • 3. Artwork creation

    With the storyboard in place we create all the assets required to be animated.

  • 4. Animating

    Our animators work their magic to bring your static storyboards to life using animation styles and techniques guaranteed to capture the spirit of your brand and engage your audiences.

  • 5. Exporting your files

    All animation files are exported and compressed ready to be uploaded to the relevant channels.

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    The Escape came highly recommended to us and exceeded our expectations from day one! They were very professional throughout the whole project. On top of all the obvious stuff, they make doing business fun!

    Patty Jones
    Cheshire Bike Breakers
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The outcome

We are great believers in driving brand awareness through animation. Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C audiences, consumers love engaging with motion graphics. We can help you to deliver more engaging and personality-focused content that creates recognition and loyalty.

Let's work together

Are you interested to learn more about how Animation can make a difference to your business? Well, it all starts with that first “hello” and we’d love to hear from you. If you have a project you’d like to talk to us about, give us a call or get in touch below.

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