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INSIGHTS Latest Escapee! Meet Nicky Chute, our new Head of Marketing

04 Feb 2021

2 minute read

Nicky Chute

Last live concert 
It was either Fleetwood Mac or Adele at the O2. I can’t remember which, but both were brilliant. Definitely a few more expletives at the Adele one though! 


Dark or milk chocolate (white is just not an option sorry)
Apologies to the choc connoisseurs out there, but I’m definitely a milk chocolate fan!


Favourite holiday destination
Skiathos, one of the smaller Greek islands. I’ve been going since I was tiny and it’s my little slice of heaven.


Superhero power
Flying would be really fun!


Pineapple on pizza?
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.


Most famous person you’ve met
I’m not too bothered by famous people so normally someone has to kick me before I notice them! I can still remember seeing Princess Diana though when I was little and crying all the way home when her ‘people’ moved her on right before she got to say hello to me! 


Favourite all-time movie
Probably not much of a surprise but it’s got to be Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman! I haven’t watched them in years but there’s a lovely sense of nostalgia about them. Maybe third would be Shawshank Redemption, it’s just so brilliant and clever.


Nickname as a kid
There’s no way I’m telling you that!


Favourite junk food
Crisps, the posh baked ones obviously.


Coffee - black or white?
Black please


And finally, tell us something completely random about yourself (we won’t tell anyone. promise)
When I was little I always wanted to be a backing dancer on Top of the Pops! 

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