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INSIGHTS A beginner’s guide to Google Easter Eggs!

17 Jun 2021

3 minute read

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There’s no denying we’re Google Geeks here at The Escape. 

And although our Performance and Developer teams spend most of their time working on client projects for PPC, SEO and web builds, we also like to have a little bit of fun whilst we’re at it!

So, we decided to pick their brains about Easter Eggs. Not the chocolate variety. But the hidden trick variety (hunting still required). For some of you this might be old hat, and for others prepare to have your mind blown! 

What are Easter Eggs?

Google’s website Easter Eggs are tricks, jokes or games that developers have hidden at the back end of their websites. The fun bit is finding them and unlocking the Google door to a world of secret tricks and hacks! If you’re unfamiliar with them, here’s just a few to get you started.

Top 15 Google Easter Eggs

The Dinosaur Game
Ok, this is one for the Chrome users only. We’ve all seen the little dinosaur icon on our screens when our internet connection has failed us. But instead of getting annoyed at him (or her), did you know you can turn it into a game while you wait for your broadband to power up again! Just use your space bar to make the dinosaur jump over the obstacles in the road.

Cha Cha Slide
This Easter Egg is going to change your life. Just type in the above phrase and click on the icon under the video. And keep clicking. You’re welcome.

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Roll a dice
Can’t decide what to eat for dinner? Playing Monopoly and lost your dice? Just ask Google to roll the dice for you!

Do a barrel roll
Yup, does what it says on the tin.

Google in 1998
For those who remember it nostalgically and for those those who weren’t born yet, take a step back in time.

Google gravity
As the name suggests, enter this into your search bar, hit 'I'm feeling lucky', then watch Google disappear into a black hole as gravity is removed.

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Animal sounds
Don’t have an Alexa? Google animal sounds works just as well! Ever wondered what an African grey parrot sounds like, then you know what to do… (Just in case though - ask ‘what sound does a African grey parrot make?’)

Google games
Don’t just look up games, play them. Type in the old classics such as Tic Tac Toe, Solitaire, Minesweeper, or Pacman, and Google will bring up the game for you to play in your browser.

Just type it into your search bar, that’s all we’re saying.

Like most of the world, we all watched the recent Friends Reunited episode (yes we laughed AND cried too). But do you know what happens when you type in any of the characters' full names into Google? We won’t give them all away, but let’s just say a smelly cat makes a long overdue appearance. Search for the icon/image in the Knowledge bar.

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If you type in certain phrases around numbers, you’ll see Google developers’ cheeky side!
Try asking what’s “the loneliest number” or “how many horns does a unicorn have”?

Bletchley Park
Synonymous with code breaking during WW2, type it into Google and see how their developers have had a giggle in the Knowledge panel.

Loch Ness Monster
Even Google Maps have got in on the action. Try typing the Loch Ness Monster into your map search and you’ll spot the usual pegman button has changed…

LGBTQ+ Pride
This is a very cool trick. Go to Google Sheets and write PRIDE with each letter in the adjacent column and watch what happens!

Google Atari Breakout
The easiest way to find and play this oldskool 1970’s classic is to hit the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ or Images button and play. Just be warned - it’s addictive.

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