Introducing Vyou

The powerful Google Data Studio dashboard service that combines a single view of your performance data with actionable insight reporting.

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Import data from your digital marketing platforms into one dashboard.

Vyou is our powerful data dashboard creation and insight reporting service. It pulls in analytics-based data from the websites, social platforms, ecommerce and marketing tools you rely on to deliver your business and marketing objectives.


Vyou is used by leading B2B and B2C businesses:


“Getting insights into our digital performance is vital in informing strategic business and marketing decisions. The Vyou dashboard from The Escape has enabled our teams to have a single view of our live data which is supported by their highly valuable reporting. Our regions can now delve into their specific data to their hearts' content.”

Ben Giles
Group Head of Digital and Design

The convenient and easy-to-use dashboard that enables you to see and control your data in real time

  1. Single sign-on
    Logging into multiple analytics tools (Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) is frustrating, takes up unnecessary time and makes it impossible to create a single view of all digital behaviours and conversions.

  2. One convenient dashboard
    Vyou displays all of your important data insight feeds into a single dashboard. Flexible and customisable, we add the data sources and feeds that matter most to you, so you can achieve a real-time view of how your marketing is performing against objectives.

  3. Easy to use, understand and adjust
    Able to be pulled in from a vast array of sources, your data is presented in easy-to-understand graphs and charts with the added ability to adjust date ranges and filters. Simply modify the parameters in Vyou and watch your data update instantly.

  4. Personalised and powerful insight
    Drill down by user demographic, source, session, product, channel and so much more. We partner with you to create a personalised dashboard that gives you an immediate insight into marketing performance and ad spend effectiveness.

Actionable insights ensure you never miss an opportunity and can prove return on investment.

Google Data Studio enables the customisation and visualisation of data but the true power of Vyou is our ability to turn your data into actionable insights.

Based on the agreed objectives defined at the Vyou discovery stage, we use our expert knowledge and years of experience to monitor, report and make recommendations on a monthly basis. This consultancy ensures you never miss an opportunity and can measure the ROI of Vyou, as well as receiving a tangible, actionable report to share with stakeholders.

What are the benefits?

Data is complex. Seeing it and understanding it is one thing. Genuinely knowing how to action it is another.

Practical benefits

  • Creating a Data Studio dashboard is complex and time consuming if you don’t know how. We remove your time, knowledge and experience breaking point.
  • View and respond in real time. No more multiple analytics browser log-ins to contend with and stay on top of.
  • Make best use of your knowledge and experience by tapping into ours. Expert performance support, advice and insights on hand – how you need us, when you need us.

Performance benefits

  • Vyou gives you a competitive data advantage over your competition.
  • Make informed, real-time business decisions based on live data and insights.
  • Receive insight reports that benchmark key KPIs every month.
  • Vyou is measurable. Benchmark effectiveness and experience a genuine return on your investment.

Working together to create your customised
dashboard and maximise success.

  • In-depth discovery and objective setting

    We start every Vyou relationship with an in-depth discovery workshop where we understand the digital landscape of your business and establish your objectives. This guides the purpose of the Vyou dashboard, the data feeds we need to incorporate and how we work together going forwards.

  • Custom-built dashboard and milestone reporting

    After discovery, we build your custom dashboard, present it to you, train you how to use it and agree the necessary reporting milestones.

  • Monitoring, reporting and maximising ROI

    To harness the true value of Vyou, a monthly retained partnership of monitoring, reporting and providing actionable insight recommendations is advised so we can ensure you experience maximum benefit and return on investment.

  • Achieving performance beyond Vyou

    Gathering insight and acting on those recommendations will keep you ahead of the curve, but for maximum performance we can work with you to develop an insights-led channel marketing and strategy - an extension to the Vyou offering that ensures you continuously stay ahead of the competition.

Photo of our team members in the office environment.

Here to support you

Our data performance team is an extension of your marketing team – we are here to advise, guide and inform, enabling you to make strategic decisions that make a genuine difference to your business. We are here when you need us, for day-to-day support or in person for a report and recommendations presentation. We are committed to delivering the results you need based on your business and marketing objectives.

Do you need Vyou?

Get hold of your data and make it a more powerful asset for business, marketing and strategy decisions. Talk to our performance team now on +44 (0) 1256 334567 to request a demonstration of Vyou or to learn more about how the effective use of data can help you achieve your business objectives.

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