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Sounds simple enough, but is a little more difficult to realise. And that's where we come in. We're the ideas people that breathe life into new and existing brands. We help brands discover, define and differentiate themselves by identifying the honest truths behind what makes them… well… 'them'. We listen and learn, then solve problems by creating branded stories that encourage people to get off their backsides and do something. We're the bunch that create loyal brand relationships, online and offline. We help businesses grow and make people's lives better. We even bring the cake.

Brand. Strategy. Digital.

Everything we do starts with what we discover a brand needs to effectively convert their audiences into advocates. And every brand is different. Whether a brand has been around a while or it's ready to take the big 'first step'... we've got it covered. And some. Brand discovery, definition, activation or the latest digital 'thing' when it comes from The Farmhouse... it all 'means more'.

You love them, we love them and we're passionate about creating them for you, and more importantly, your customers. A big idea could be a complete show-stopper or a simple moment of realisation. Either way we pride ourselves on creating something that will awaken, ignite or revolutionise a brand. In a nutshell we're all about inspiring people with 'big ideas' that work.


We believe in 100% collaboration. We know you won't know us well enough to declare undying love from day 1, but if it's a supplier you're looking for... sorry... we're not for you. If you're looking for a partnership based on honesty, transparency and trust... let's start a (long-term) relationship.


We won't go anywhere near anything resembling a creative tool box until we've listened to everything you have to say. Discovering everything that 'lies beneath' underpins every creative and strategic decision. Opening our ears so we can open our minds is as important as the coffee being limitless and going to the pub on a Friday (well almost).


We'll tell it like it is. If that's not for you, thanks for coming and best of luck. But if you're looking for a partner that will challenge you, question you and (every now and then) disagree with you (but give a good reason why), you're in the right place. And while we're being honest it helps if you like dogs. Ours is big.

We don't have a department we call 'creative'. It's what we are in everything we do. There's no big shots or divas, just thinkers, do-ers, strategists, organisers, writers, scampologists, coders and illustrators. There's also the coffee makers, toilet roll replacers and BBQ monitors that make our place tick.

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