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A networking session hellbent on quality content and some great grub

Feast is our bi-monthly gathering where we connect YOU with our best and brightest designers, digital and brand strategists and gather around our farmhouse table to eat, talk, network and challenge various issues and topics of the day facing B2B and B2C businesses alike.

At every Feast event, attendees have an opportunity to network with relevant, like-minded business owners, professionals and leaders across B2B and B2C. We focus on a Hot Topic facing marketeers, brand, marketing and communications professionals and, against the backdrop of some great food, we host a speaker to shed light on tips, tricks and strategically useful insights.

2020 has seen our Feast events taking the form of online webinars! We hope we will soon be able to, once again, host face-to-face Feasts in our farmhouse. But until then, do let us know if you are interested in our webinar's or find us on Eventbrite and register today.

Currently, we have our Feast Google Masterclass Series taking place throughout September. Led by our Head of Performance, Andre Buxey, and our Head of Strategy and Growth, Zoe Pedersen, this series will unpack a variety of Google tips, tricks and guidelines, and seeks to help you harness the power of the world's number 1 search engine!

Google Masterclass Series - Thursdays from September 3rd

Google has a wide variety of useful and valuable tools for businesses to take advantage of in their marketing and sales initiatives. Do you know the ins and outs and are you potentially missing out on valuable search traffic, lead generation opportunities or sales conversions?

  • Are you search compliant? What about voice search?
  • Can you easily access analytical data that is useful and relevant? How about having that data displayed for you in a custom, live-view dashboard?
  • Can users find your physical store or business address with a single search from their phone?
  • Are you helping users in their buying decisions and what can you do to influence that buying behaviour?
  • How effective is your ad spend and where should you be spending with Google anyway?

Each Masterclass will focus on a key Google topic or tool and attendees will receive a one-page fact sheet summarising the top 10 tips of each session.

Feast attendees can book a complimentary 1 hour session to discuss specific brand, digital, marketing or business performance challenges.

September Masterclass Series:

A networking session, with an interesting tid-bit;
something thought provoking/answering to a challenge or topic in digital, branding and design

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