Email marketing survey


We carried out an online survey to our subscriber base and in conjunction with subscribers to emedia marketing bulletins.

Overall it would seem that email marketing is central to online marketing for many businesses and is continue to grow in popularity. Collecting data is growing (nearly 2/3 of respondents) and marketers are still also keen to buy data in.

Although companies are collecting a range of natural subscribers, this could be relative to the size of the business, rather than success rates. emedia have published whitepapers for successful email marketing.

Points of note from this survey are:

The need to make a more compelling argument for subscribing to your email marketing list
Campaigns are being sent with too much irregularity. Your audience needs to expect and anticipate your communications. eg. 1st of the month - without fail.

High percentages of correct technology to send email campaigns but still more needs to be done to reduce attachments, etc. as the main source of information being sent.

Opportunities for higher levels of engagement using personalisation and testing.

High compliance for unsubscribing mechanisms.

Opportunities for more goal oriented campaigns rather than generic messaging.

Still confusion over e-mail marketing regulations. UK E-Mail Law References.

Email marketing survey overview

Email marketing trends

Data collection / data purchase

Messages and campaigns

Email actions and successes

Legal obligations


Only fully completed submissions were used for this survey, totalling 83 ref from 120 surveys.

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