The New Face of Face


Evolution, rather than revolution

We love a good brand refresh and when our friends over at Face TV were looking for a new brand identity we just couldn’t resist. For those of you who don’t know, Face TV are a specialist television production agency with over 10 years of industry experience. Their brief was to create a new identity that would appeal to both existing and potential clients. Their current identity was looking a little tired and in need of some Escape brand TLC. Our aim was not to reinvent the wheel, but to contemporise their exisitng mark and create a more distinctive identity, without loosing the friendly nature and persona of the brand. So here’s what we did...



Less is more

We began by looking at the brand name. ‘Face Televesion’ didn’t quite roll off the tongue and wasn’t quite decriptive enough of the full service offering. By simplifying the brand name to ‘Face’, we enabled the brand to mean different things to different audiences with the ability to diversify into different areas of television, video, advertising, corporate... basically anything that involved a camera or a screen.



Which did you see first?



Did you notice the letter ‘F’ or the ‘Face‘ fIrst?... Or neither? We hope not the latter. The orginal Face identifier was cliché and lacked character. The new identifier has more of a twinkle in its eye, subtly encorporating the ‘F’ of ‘Face’ within a ‘Face’... clever hey? The indentifier works with and without the logotype and can be used standalone across both print and digital platforms.

It’s not always what you see...



... but what you don’t! The true secret behind the new ‘Face of Face’ happened behind the scenes. The grid (or as we call it ‘The glue’) is the foundation that allows all angles and weights to work together to provide complete harmony and balance between the identifier and the logotype. 



And there you have it...

... a little insight into how we visually evolve brands. We may not of hit on every touch point of our process in this post (don’t want to bore you with all the details) but if your business is in need of some Escape brand TLC, why not drop us a line?


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