The Escape Support Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show


Last year we donated our time and talents to Breast Cancer Care to help them with the creative work for their Fashion Show fundraiser. After the success of the event we’ve had our arms bent… errr… I mean… ‘we were asked’, to be part of the team again for 2012 (not that we needed much convincing!).

We kicked off the process with some design approaches focused on the invitations. As in the past, we dusted off the marker pens and scamped a few ideas, not only of how it could look, but also how the folding mechanism could work. The objective this year was the try and make sure it was still a piece worthy of the mantlepiece at home (and just as engaging), but a little bit smaller and a more cost-effective to print and fulfill. Here’s a few of the scamp concepts we put forward…

The chosen approach and final design style (for both the English, Scottish and Welsh shows) took on a retro floral theme, using pink and purple flowers in a photographic floral montage effect, interlaced with all-important pictures of some of the 2011 models. We also added a classic flower ‘etching’ style illustration into the background to add to the retro, classic feel. The finished product was a fine blend of contemporary classic style, fused together with all the important info you need to book a seat (or table) at this years event. Here it is…

The printed piece was finished on a satin, 250gsm board with a dye-cut window to the cover and spot UV varnish touches on key elements, providing those finishing touches of glamour to make it feel special.

We’re currently making our way through the list of additional ‘stuff’, so watch this space for posters, the programme and PowerPoint presentation templates that are all on the ’to be done’ list before Wednesday 3 October.

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