Rolling out the Red Carpet for Warner Bros.


That's right… We've just walked down it and have launched a brand new fully responsive website for Warner Bros. UK.

Every year, Warner Bros. in London recruit between 50-60 undergraduate university students to be a part of their placement scheme. As I'm sure you can imagine, competition is stiff and not only amongst the candidates but amongst other big organisations who are all trying to snap up the hottest undergraduate talent. 

To help position Warner Bros. as THE organisation to do a year placement with, they felt that they needed a new, fresh online presence. One that would really, sell the experience and what life is like to be on a student placement at Warner Bros. Their previous online tool was working well to bring potential candidates to them but it wasn't really selling the experience and this is where Warner Bros. felt they were missing out, certainly when a lot of the other big organisations already had specialist placement websites themselves.

So, what was the aim? We needed to create a beautiful looking website that showcased Warner Bros. as a MUST for a placement experience and to increase the number and quality of candidates applying for roles.



Using our tried and tested web development process we kicked the project off with the HR team at Warner Bros. to discover what the site needed to do, and what content it needed to host. From here, it was back to base to continue the discovery phase – reviewing what other organisations were doing and to start planning the site map and user journeys for the new placements website. 

The site map and audience mapping led onto high-fidelity interactive wireframes. These are a must for any new web project nowadays as they really help the user and in our case, client to get a feel for the way in which the website will work and interact. They also allow us to test critical user journeys to make sure they are spot on.

After the fun with high-fidelity we moved onto design and build. Our creative brief for this site was, pretty much, to be creative! We could utilise (almost) any Warner Bros. asset within the design – for a film mad studio here at the Escape it was basically a dream. The enthusiasm for design was caught in development to, cue us embedding video into the hero spaces on some of the main pages and neat interactive states to really bring the pages and content to life.

The site was built in PHP using the Laravel framework to communicate with a MySQL database, with Sass and jQuery powering the front-end. Throughout the development process, we worked alongside Warner Bros. other recruitment partner who are responsible for handling each individual application. As such, their site when linked to, mirrors ours with its look and feel. A nice touch to help create a consistent user journey from start to finish.

The new website has launched in time for the recruitment process for the 2016/17 placement year. We, alongside our team at Warner Bros. are delighted with the new site and we're all now eagerly awaiting the results of the next recruitment drive. Why not give it a browse: 


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