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After the success of a previous project, our client – a product and technology leader in the defense industry (naming no names, but I’m sure you can guess who!) were keen to work with us again on their exhibition stand and video/animation for DefExpo 2012 – The Land, Naval and Internal Security System Exhibition in New Delhi, India.

The stand was to feature a number of their ground-breaking technologies, from Chinook engines to ballistic protection materials. Working closely with the client, our creative approach for the large back wall section of the stand was to create a scene from the frontline, showing all the products in action/use & highlighting them in wireframe with annotations. We were keen to create a gritty, raw emotion for the stand, along with an illustrated overlay style that featured troopers relevant to the Indian audience. Finally, subtle touches like ‘Head Up Display’ vectors were added to give it all a cutting edge ‘tech’ style. We also created a similarly styled panel for a lightbox for the stand meeting room.

To bolster the messaging (and eye candy!) put together a very slick and professional video/animation to run on the 42″ Plasma screen on the stand, using the same graphic influences from the wall. The joy of animation is that it enables you to bring a graphic style to life. Great pleasure, as well as careful attention to detail, was put into bringing the technical excellence of the products ‘to life’, as well as capturing the gritty feel of the battlefields of the Middle East and Asia.

Here’s the final cut…

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