Ooh you cheeky plucker!


Have you heard the one about the naked turkey?

We hadn’t either until our lovely client StopGap gave us a call and asked us to create something Christmassy for them. They have a calendar each year with a different theme, but this year they wanted something else to add a little cheer to the end of the year.

Well we had a bit of a huddle over a few mince pies and a glass or two of grandma’s sherry and had a think about the calendar and that little extra to go under the StopGap tree. When the glasses were dry we swept aside the crumbs and reviewed our scribbles.

2015 Desk Calendar

After having a peak at 2015 we realised that there wasn’t much going on that would get people that excited; there’s no Olympics, World Cup, Jubilee or Royal wedding. So we thought why not take it upon ‘yourself’ to make 2015 a year to remember for things YOU did that ‘dared to be different’, and are, above all… ‘memorable’.



The idea was to encourage and inspire people to try something new, daring and different that takes them out of their comfort zone. We could encourage them to share their experiences on social media by giving them a hashtag to follow. Stopgap loved the idea, so with some suggestions from them and our team we came up with the list of things to make it the #YearOfYou. They included everything from ‘getting yourself on the red carpet at a premiere’ to ‘buying coffee for someone behind you in the queue’.




Digital ‘Thingumybob’

With the calendar in the bag, we started scamping ideas for a digital Christmas ‘thingumybob’. After another couple of mince pies we plucked (‘scuse the pre-pun) another idea from the sketch pads. What about a game?… a simple online game that would encourage repeat plays and sharing… how about wrapping presents… bit boring… maybe something involving turkeys… plucking turkeys… lots of plucking Turkeys! And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the ‘You Cheeky Plucker!’ game was born!



The challenge of the game was to pluck as many turkeys as you could in one minute by repeatedly pressing the space bar on your keyboard. Always with mobile in mind, we made sure the game was responsive across tablet and phone. As you tapped the bar or screen, feathers were plucked off the turkey until he stood there naked as the day he hatched, then the next one would fly into view.



We thought we would throw in the odd ‘curve ball’. Randomly a duck would fly in! Don’t pluck the duck! This would end the game and you would have to start again.

Our friends at StopGap loved the concepts so our cracking illustrators and dev chaps got to work on the look and feel for the calendar and the game. There was a lot of laughter around the studio as the illustrations and animation came together for both projects.



With the calendar sporting the hashtag #YearOfYou and the game #cheekypluckers the online birds started tweeting, with one player saying “I got 29 playing the stopgap cheeky pluckers game, SO addictive!” Result! Just what we wanted to achieve!

The highest score so far is a whopping 34 turkeys plucked in a minute. That’s some serious tapping action! The game, at the time of publishing this 'little bit of trumpet blowing', is still online, http://cheekypluckers.stopgap.co.uk so go and have a plucking good time! It doesn’t have to be Christmas to have a bit of fun in the office!


P.S. We apologise to all keyboards, tablets and smartphones for any injuries that may have been caused by over excited Cheeky Pluckers!

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