Hampshire County Council launch ZIP on A3 bus route


Every month we have our little internal get together to discuss what we’re going to shout about in our newsletter. Sometimes there are projects, that for various reasons, have been worked on and are looking great, but we can’t quite shout about them when we might like to. That’s just the way it has to be sometimes.

This has been one of the projects, so we really pleased to be able to share it with you now.

Here’s the background bit…

The ZIP bus route is a priority bus service that runs between Clanfield and Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. It is already a popular route with bus users as the priority service ensures you’re not sat in queues of traffic when you could be constantly on the move and getting where you need to go. As good as it is though, there’s always an opportunity to encourage more people to use it, especially during school holidays.

And that’s where we come in.

We were approached by Hampshire County Council to help them promote the route and encourage greater use of the service. If we were able to encourage a bit of modal shift with commuters and business users then all the better, but what we really wanted was to encourage people to ditch the car (not literally, that would make the bus stupidly expensive in the grand scheme of things), hop on the ZIP bus and give it a try. We did this by highlighting some of the many benefits of the ZIP bus, as well as offering discounts on onward Greyhound coach trips to London and 20% off tickets to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. But we also needed a ‘cunning campaign’ to make it all ‘stick together’

And we came up with this… “A to B via Z”

Our idea was to literally put the ZIP at the centre of our promotion. Using the marketing message above, the ‘Z’ became the large dominant feature of our work and made up the focal point of our illustration, as well as being cleverly integrated into it. This is how the idea started to life…

And these are how the finished pieces ended up…

These were used as A4 and A3 posters in poster casings both on the bus and around bus shelters, as well as large-format posters for the shelters with advertising end-panels. The graphics were also used as bus backs to capture the attention of any commuters ‘sat in traffic’ (the irony eh?!)

Not content with just this, we created an 8pp DL Direct Mail item that was distributed to the many houses along the ZIP bus route. The Mailer had the Greyhound and Historic Dockyard promotions, as well as vouchers for discounts off ticket prices, a route map and an abundance of ZIP information. And because we know you’re curious, this is what it looked like (flat obviously!)…

Last but not least we redesigned the ZIP website to make it more engaging and to back-up some of the information contained on our mailer. This is what the initial design looked like although we have to be honest, there were a few sacrifices made at build to make it fit within the Hantsweb framework. But hey, we thought you’d rather see the ‘designer label version’!…

Finally, all this creative candy was polished off with a Radio campaign and competition on Wave FM. The competition winner getting a years free bus travel.

On the ZIP… of course.

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