First launch park and ride bus scheme in Bath


Hands up if you’ve ever been on a Park and Ride.

Good aren’t they?

So why on earth don’t more people use them? They’re cheaper than town/city center parking, as regular as… well… someone that eats a lot of bran, and they save you all the hassle of queuing to get near a car park when frankly you’ve got better things to do.

When First asked us the same question and told us about some exciting new buses that were heading Bath-ward in the coming weeks, we took it upon ourselves to do our bit to help raise the profile of the ‘good-ol’ park and ride and let everyone know what they were missing ‘and’ what they can come to expect in the future. Our sterling work on the new Eclipse busway between Fareham and Gosport was very much our ‘first date’ (see what I did there… ahem!), so it was nice to get together again and pick up where we left off.

It’s very early days in our work with the P&R scheme but so far we have done our research, put together a Communications Plan for the coming weeks and got underway with some creative. The early bits we’ve done are the must haves, y’know, stuff like the tourist information leaflet and timetable, but hey, these gold-mine pieces have to be done, and done well, they make a hell of a difference.

As part of the master plan (predominantly focused on the tourist market) we have web banners, bus shelter posters, bus-covings and more.

We’ll soon be starting to shout about the new buses more too. They’re super-environmentally friendly, low carbon hybrid/electric double deckers with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, leather seats ‘and’ they’ll be running 7 days a week.

We’ll keep you posted on how things develop, but at this early stage we thought we’d show you what we’ve been up to and what’s about to land in the tourist information centers in and around beautiful Bath.

Heading that way for a day out or weekend away? Why not give it a go?

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