First Group launch hybrid buses in Bath


We’ve been working with our lovely clients at First, helping them to promote their Park & Ride service in Bath, which has just been re-vamped with the launch of some exciting new hybrid buses.  If you’d like a reminder of the background to this project, you can read about that here.

Not only can you travel into Bath quickly, in style and in complete leather seat comfort (not to mention avoiding the stress of finding a car parking space or getting stuck in city centre traffic), you can now also get that ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ known as ‘being super kind to the earth!’  And we all need a bit of warm and fuzzy in our lives every so often.

The new buses launched last week and we developed a number of promotional touch points to promote the new ‘greener’ service. This included T-side bus adverts, bus coves, large format posters for various sites across Bath, an updated information leaflet, adverts for location publications to name a few, as well as some promotional ‘goodies’ for the launch day.  We particularly liked the jute shopper bags – good brand promotion, very useful and green, all in one go!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here are some examples of what we’ve done…

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