First Group introduce wi-fi throughout the fleet


As part of our work with national bus company First, we were recently asked to help them promote the roll out of Free Wi-Fi on all First buses across their Hampshire network.

To us, Free Wi-Fi sounded like a great idea and one which we felt could attract more people to use First buses, maybe for their commute to work or maybe just for popping into town to meet up with friends. Either way we wanted to get across the benefit of being able to connect when on the move, so the journey time needn’t be spent looking out the window in a vacant daze!

Using a play on the dual meaning of ‘connection’ (not only connecting to the Wi-Fi, but also the various connections you make when using the bus – maybe connecting to get another bus, or connecting to catch a train), we developed a campaign visual theme that uses the style of every day bus route maps, but we used the style to create symbols and/or messaging that promoted the new service and/or the location of the marketing messages. For example, we designed a route shaped like a wi-fi symbol (for obvious reasons), a route shaped like a cinema ticket for cinema advertising, and another that made up the word FREE.

Each stop circle on the route is labelled with a symbol and term commonly used online to highlight the numerous ways you can use the Free Wi-Fi ‘connection’ on your journey. Things such as tweet, share, like, post, buy and search… to name a few. To explain the map-based visuals, we came up with the headline: “Make the most of every connection” (yep, there’s that C-word again!), basically to drum home the double meaning of the connections you make via First buses and Wi-Fi.

We also wanted to highlight how can get some valuable ‘you time’ back, and that you can use the journey time and the Wi-fi however you choose to make the most of that time… all of which we summed up with the short and succinct sign off: “It’s your time – use it your way”.

The promotion has now started to hit the streets (and airwaves), so you may see billboards, cinema posters, bus back adverts, on bus adverts and maybe even hear an advert or two on Wave radio.  There’s more to come in future months, so keep your eyes peeled (and ear to the ground).

Next time you’re considering whether to drive or hop on the bus, why not try the Free Wi-Fi on a First bus and “use it your way”?

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