Eurogeographics Annual Report


Time flies when you’re having fun.

So much so that when our friends at EuroGeographics dropped us a line to get the 2011 Annual Review briefing organised, we had a moment of collective iCal checking to remind ourselves exactly what month we were in. And we’re still not sure where the last 12 months has gone!

Anyhoo… this year’s brief was as open and exciting as ever. It’s ace when you’re doing something right (and consistently) because it creates a level of trust you can’t buy, and as a result, the creativity blossoms year on year.

Evolution was once again the ‘name of the game’ for 2011, but with the caveat of trying to cut back a little on a couple of things. 1. the ‘volume of’ and ‘detail in’ the illustrative style and 2. endeavor to make the finished piece a tad lighter so it was easier (and more cost-effective) to post to the various corners of Europe.

Challenge set but not easy to overcome. This year we had more contributing members than ever before!

Always quick to think on our heels, we knew we didn’t want to (nor could we) compromise on the design and number of pages required because of the sheer volume of content, so we had to look at paper stocks and weights in an effort to reduce the depth and weight of the finished piece.

This year we decided to use more photographs, black and white to be specific, to offer something different to previous years and to make it look and feel stylish (and to get around the hurdle of different light exposures and quality of image). Colour overlays relevant to the colour of the spread were also used, shaped to reflect geographical borders… i.e. angular and irregular. Top that off with a ‘comfortable’ dose of illustrative touches and a mixed bag of typography and the result was yet another individual (yet consistent with years gone by) EuroGeographics Annual Review.

Bit of good news we’d also like to share on this one… this piece has been shortlisted in the Best External Publication category for the 2012 Chartered Institute of Public Relations Wessex regional awards. The winner will be announced at the ‘fancy ceremony’ at the end of the month, but we thought we’d share the (good) news. We’ll keep you posted on how we get on.

In the meantime, here’s a few pictures and pages to wet you’re whistle…

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