Direct Mail - design and implementation


We love Direct Mail.

We know why it’s used less these days. Digital is obviously the more cost effective option, but for me, it’s still THE most effective and personal way of getting yourself in front of your audience. I also believe that if you’re going to do it, a little more investment is always worth it if you can. Sending something that the audience will actually want, keep or like is the secret of success. Send me an A6 postcard and there’s a good chance (unless its superbly designed or graphic and captures my attention for artistic reasons) it will end up as bin fodder.

So when Beringer Tame started talking to us about a CRM campaign and in particular, Direct Mail, we got a little excited.

Having just launched the new brand and the new website, it was important that brand re-enforcement and awareness led the way. We toyed with other approaches and supplied some scamps of what we could do, but the consensus was that we didn’t actually need to do anything new in terms of design, we just needed to work with the brand devices we had at our disposal and come up with a DM mechanism that would carry it off.

Beringer Tames tone of voice and personality is professional but fun. They are by no means your average recruitment specialists. So we came up with an idea that involved bribery! Just kidding… well sort of… we decided the way to a ‘digital persons’ heart was through their weakness for sweeties. Sweets fit the brand and also give the recipient something of value that they could enjoy individually or share with a group which meant that if it was the latter, the Beringer brand and message would get shared with a wider audience. Cunning eh?

So this is what we did. We needed a way that we could contain the sweets, deliver the message and ensure postage and packaging wouldn’t blow our budget. Our brain wave was to use a tube to contain the sweets and have a long sheet of paper that wrapped/rolled around the tube which was glued at one end and held together at the other with a sticker. The 2 sides gave us twice the real-estate to work with so we could have the message on one side and the call-to-action on the other. The mailer was then posted out in an ‘un-marked’ natural brown tube to maintain the level of curiosity until the item was opened.

The illustration on the roll out was on-brand, punchy and lets be fair… loads of fun to work on. In creating Bertie (the new name for the Beringer brand character), we’ve created something with endless possibilities and loads of character. We don’t even see it as work now… there’s too much pleasure in it for that.

For those of you out there that like to know the finder details in the production, the roll was printed 4 colour with one special PMS on a 200gsm un-coated paper. As this was going to be the first touch point most recipients were going to have with the new brand, we decided going the extra mile and making sure the green ‘zinged’ was well worth the investment.

We’re dead chuffed with the result and the good news is it’s been very popular with everyone that’s received it. Except those on a diet.

Here’s it is in all it’s ‘tooth decaying’ glory…

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