BP Shipping Centenary event invitations


Where does 100 years go these days eh?


Blink and before you know it, the years have flown by, the business has changed unrecognisably and there’s one or two things to reflect on, talk about and celebrate.

Our beloved client, BP Shipping, have their centenary this year and we’ve been working with them over the past 6 months in readiness for the ‘main event’.

In addition to branding, guidelines, e-invitations, merchandise and clothing, we’ve recently produced printed invitations that are required to be sent to those who could not receive e-invitations, namely retirees, personal guests and VIP’s.

The brief was to create a high quality, premium look and feel ’pack’ that contained an invitation with event details and location map, a reply card, and a support team / health and safety information card. In addition to this, BP also needed reply-paid envelopes and mailing envelopes, so the experience was on-brand and consistent, yet not so premium that big budgets were being blown on a relatively small audience.

In addition to this, we were required to create individual versions for London, Houston, Singapore and Chicago… so one or two mailing labels to sort out too.

With this in mind we set about our task, planning the pack and the way it could work in meticulous detail. The initial aim was to create a red-letter style item that would be the mailing piece as well as the brand experience, containing the various individual pieces within. After further investigation and working closely with our print partner, for the quantities involved, as lovely as it would have been, the unit cost was proving prohibitive.

So, simplifying our thinking just a little bit, we decided to make use of corporate envelopes and use digital print, but not cut back on some of the finer finishing touches we had in mind.



The resulting pack was made up of the following items and was held together with a blue belly band with the dates of the centenary printed to the front.



The invitation:

An A6, 2pp card that was de-bossed to the front with a single silver foil on key information. The board was Colorplan White Frost duplexed to 540gsm with a Cyan blue edge paint. This card contained the details about the event itself as well as a location map.



The reply card:

An A6, 4pp card printed on Colorplan White Frost, 270gsm with a Cyan blue edge paint. This card was for the recipient to send back confirming their attendance, provide dietary and accommodation requirements and information on any mobility issues. The card also contained a space for the same information for the recipients ‘+1’.



HSSE and support team card:

An A6, 2pp card printed on Colorplan White Frost, 270gsm with a Cyan blue edge paint. This card was for information about the support team for the event… who they were and how to contact them. It also had all the health, safety and security information surrounding the event.



The items were held together with the blue belly band and sent out in BP branded C5 envelopes, sealed at the back with a silver circular sticker, branded BP Shipping 100. The envelope also contained an introductory letter and a smaller C6 envelope, pre-printed with the return address and postage, so the recipient could easily post back their reply card.



The overall design of the pack was kept very sophisticated and minimal, following the BP Shipping Centenary guidelines. White, Black, Cyan and Silver made up the core components of the colour ways, with all imagery made black and white. Each item had a black frame to ensure the viewer's eye was led towards the information contained within. The frame also provided an elegant contrast to the Cyan edge paint applied to each of the cards.

Our objective was to produce a high-end looking invitation where the emphasis was on the finishing touches… the de-boss, foil, paper choice and edge paint… so the experience the recipient would have was tactile and classy.



We like to think we achieved it. But we are ‘just slightly’ biased.

The good news – the client was (very) happy and the reply cards have been flying through BP’s door.

It certainly looks like they’ve got a busy Centenary event season ahead of them.

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