Baking Mad with BakedIn!


It's not very often that an opportunity like this comes around, so when it did, we jumped right at it. 

A couple of months ago we were approached by Joe at BakedIn to help develop a brand for his new start up company; BakedIn. The aim of the business? To deliver home baking kits, with quality ingredients right to your door. 

Joe had been growing the business well with an existing baking kit design. Local retailers, food fares and farm shops were snapping them up but they felt that they needed to create a brand identity and supporting visual system that would really help them stand out and importantly elevate them into bigger, national retailers.

At the same time, the plan for the business was to also launch a Baking Club for which a separate sub-identity would be needed. So, this was our brief. Create an identity that would uniquely position them in the marketplace as provider of premium, quality baking kits for enjoyment at home and create a separate Baking Club identity.

Our brand creation journey began with our warts and all discovery session to find out everything about BakedIn to date. From here, it was back to the studio to do some serious desk research – analysing the market place to review who was doing what and to identify where our unique segment in the market place would be formed. 

From here, the pencils were sharpened and the pads of paper opened. The BakedIn identity itself underwent a very subtle evolution from what it was previously, but it was the whole supporting visual system along with the Baking Club identity that needed the real creative work.



Several look and feels were developed for the BakedIn kit boxes before we collectively settled on an illustrative route. This would allow each of the kits to have their own unique design, whilst retaining all of the core elements of the BakedIn brand. Having put the icing on the cake here (see what I did there) it was then on to the identity concepts for the Baking Club, several were developed and reviewed before finally settling on the one that would be the show stopper. 

The identity development for both parts of the business was just the start. From here, we then went on to develop visuals for a new look website, branding for the company van and a strategy for customer eCommunications going forwards. Naturally, a few cakes were sampled along the way too.

We continue to work with Joe and the team at BakedIn on all aspects of their brand identity and we are genuinely thrilled to be a part of the journey. Being guinea pigs for the new creations is also a bonus as well.


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