Front-end web developer

We're looking for a red hot front-end developer

We're on the hunt for someone that knows they're good, can back it up with proof and gets strangely excited at the prospect of putting a pixel-perfect front-end together. You know where we're coming from don't you? Yeah.. thats right... that little twinge of excitement in the pit of your stomach that says... "Hello Mr Photoshop PSD... I'm going to turn you into a fully-functioning work of art".

The best thing is, you know exactly how to make that happen because you've done it loads of times before. Your mac or PC (whichever you prefer) is your best friend and your suite of development tools were invented with you in mind.

Your attention to detail will be scary. You'll despise sloppy development and will thrive on making sure that every part of the UI kit you get from the creative team is working like a dream. You'll also appreciate the importance of it all working as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. Break-points working like a dream and looking good when they work will bring a crafty smile of satisfaction to your face.

So what do we want from you?

Well, other than a can-do attitude, a great sense of humour and the ability to activate the kettle and churn out some decent hot drinks, we'd like you to have a good few years experience under your belt. Sorry if you're just starting out, but we're looking for someone who can hit the ground running. That said, if you think you've seen it and done it all before and there's nothing new left to learn then maybe we're not right for each other. We like someone who see's every day as an opportunity to develop and challenges themselves to improve. Even if that means getting something wrong every now and then, after all, we'd never learn anything without the odd hiccup or two that teaches us a lesson, wouldn't you agree?

So cutting to the chase, here's a few 'must-haves'...

  • Ability to accurately convert designs into semantic front-end HTML and CSS
  • Familiarity with Photoshop
  • Integrating built mark-up into template systems
  • Confidence with JavaScript, not just jQuery
  • Responsive design for modern browsers, including cross-browser compatibility issues and how to resolve them
  • Source code management with version control, especially Git
  • Ability to partner with back-end developers to architect and build sites
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • The ability to handle multiple critical tasks and self-manage

And here's a few 'nice-to-haves'...

  • Experience with CSS Preprocessors (SASS/Less etc.)
  • Experience working with large projects, utilising build tools like Gulp or Grunt
  • Measuring and optimising front-end performance.
  • Managing projects with a ticketing system, e.g. Jira
  • Experience with PHP and/or Laravel


Here’s a few of the fantastic clients we are lucky enough to work with…

  • Bombay Sapphire 
  • BP
  • Simplyhealth
  • Warner Bros.
  • Aster Group
  • Serco Plc

A few small perks

The right candidate will get to work in a very attractive 'Old Farmhouse’ (by name and nature) with a great team of delightful, like minded people (honest). Here’s what else you can expect:

  • You'll get your birthday off as an extra days holiday (or next working day if it falls on a weekend)
  • If you don’t take a sick day throughout the year you’ll receive a £500 bonus at the end of the calendar year
  • If you have qualifying children in childcare, you can use our tax-efficient childcare voucher scheme to help pay for it.
  • We have a cycle-scheme, a government-backed system enabling you to get a discounted bike from a local bike shop and pay for it with monthly contributions from your salary, reducing your tax bill and getting a bike at a much-reduced cost.
  • We have a gadget-scheme, a government-backed system enabling you to get discounted computers, tablets, iPhones etc. and pay for it with monthly contributions from your salary, reducing your tax bill and getting new kit at a much-reduced cost.
  • We'll fund training which is relevant to your role here at the Escape.
  • We'll purchase any equipment that we agree will enable you to develop within your role
  • Lunch will be provided once a month (at least) at our company update meeting
  • BBQ’s happen every other Friday throughout the summer (even if under a brolly)
  • Friday afternoon at 4pm is always 'beer-o-clock' (don't worry, other beverages are available if beer's not your thing!)
  • Our back garden backs onto a very quaint thatched pub called The Portsmouth Arms

When it comes to salary, we'll look after you and pay you what you're worth. We'd like to think that going the extra mile (without having to be asked) is 'just the way you roll', but don't worry, we're great believers in rewarding hard work too.

We'll also be looking for you to be able to communicate effectively, both with clients and your fellow Escapees, after all, communication is what we're all about.

So, without being a big-head (well, maybe just a bit), we're assuming you've got this far because you are all of the above? Yeah? Great stuff. You'd better email your CV to: to get the ball rolling. We're dying to hear from you.

Unfortunately, if you're a recruitment agency, however super-duper 'different' you are, if you've got this far... we're NOT dying to hear from you... so probably best to not even try. Cheers anyway.